Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Featured Giveaways - 2/17

Today's featured giveaways are handy, literary, and green.  Prizes like these really put a smile on your face!

Featured Giveaway #1

VivaTerra is a fantastic online store dedicated to beautiful everyday items that are sustainable and earth friendly.  I've been receiving the catalog for a while and drool whenever it arrives. 

Lucky for me, they are giving away a $1000 gift certificate.  That's right folks, a good old fashioned shopping spree!  One entry per person, this contest is over on April 22nd, 2009.

If I win, the squeals of glee will hopefully reduce my carbon footprint...

Featured Giveaway #2

From one beautifully crafted product to another, this giveaway over at Networking Witches features the Cadillac of drinkware, the Tervis tumbler.  Available in a miryad of sizes, styles, and colors, the Tervis tumbler will fit any decorating scheme and never ever ever leave those unsightly rings.  (Respect the wood, as Larry David would say.) 


They are giving away four 16 oz. tumblers in this giveaway sponsored by Tervis.

Since this one is a blog giveaway, make sure to read the rules to find all the bonus entries you can use to enter.  It's ending on February 18th, so get over to Networking Witches right now!! 

Featured Giveaway #3

If you're a parent, you can never have too many books for the kiddos.  This sweepstakes over at Parenting    features a whole LIBRARY!  40 books, worth over $500.  But really, isn't fostering a love of books to the next generation priceless?

You can enter once and the contest ends on March 31st at midnight.  Don't let this one turn into a pumpkin...go enter now!

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  1. I've already picked out a few things I want from Viva Terra, though their stuff is so amazing that $1000 would go quick!!