Monday, March 29, 2010


So, those of you that don't follow me on Twitter or Facebook may be thinking, PrizeCore, where have you gone?

Well, dear readers, I'm right here and everything is okay, I promise.

The thing is, I'm doing some hard-hitting research into the topic of giveaways, contests, and sweepstakes.  I'm finding what works and what seems like a big waste of time. 

For instance, I have found that taking the time to tweak a good form filler like RoboForm really helps.  It's more powerful than any other Firefox add-on I've found and if you're a single user on a PC, you can even teach it to prefill all the fields on a page.  All you have to do is submit (but make sure you uncheck any ugly subscription buttons...I accidentally subscribed to a grocery store rack-type magazine because I was unwisely entering contests one morning sans-coffee.)

Another thing I've found, that adds to my much-professed belief of "letting it come to you", is that Twitter is awesome for finding good contests and deals.  If you have enough time to put into it, that is.  I've found Twitter to be hard to keep up with, even with the various assortment of ways you can post to Twitter.  One thing that has vexed me is how to keep up with all the daily retweets for giveaways and such.  If I forget, I'm just letting entries and opportunity slip away.  If I'm on my game, I'm keeping what...a spreadsheet or some Twitter-verboten daily retweeting GreaseMonkey script?

What I'm trying to find for you, dear reader, is a happy medium.  Between an OCD fit and a casual hobby, you can find a way to have fun, meet cool people, and cool stuff.

Something else that helps is to make use of your bookmark toolbar.  It works about the same in Firefox, which I use, and IE.  I'm not sure about other browsers, but I'm sure it's not that much different.  What I do is dump my daily entries for sweepstakes, giveaways, and contests into a folder.  Then I open them all up and churn through them.  It takes about a half hour if I hit a good rhythm and have the right music on.  If you have a slower computer, though, it may really take a toll.  I'm doing this on a desktop, but I'm sure a decent laptop would handle opening 40 tabs at once, right?

I may expound on that last topic, so stay tuned.  Because I'm here for you!  ZOW!


Anyway, that's what I've been doing.  Follow me on Twitter and Facebook, and make sure to follow me on the Google Friend Connect, because that big ol' box looks empty.  I'll be sure to keep the cool giveaways coming your way through all sorts of the social-type media outlets!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Letting the Giveaways Come To YOU: Facebook Edition

In the hustle and bustle these days, who could find time to enter all the giveaways, sweepstakes, and contests out there?  Not only that, but what about the time it takes to FIND them in the first place? 

Well, look no further, kind readers!  This post will enlighten you to the fine art of cherry picking contests and giveaways that sound good to you, dangled right in front of your eye.  Even better, entering is only a retweet, post, or mouse click away. 

Think of it like this...why waste all your time looking?  Let them come to you.  In fact, I think it's so important, I'll make this the first rule of mine...Let them come to you! (keep saying it over and over, like a mantra.)

This is the first in an ongoing series, so keep looking for this sort of insight for services like Twitter and RSS readers.  Indispensable tools for getting some prizes! 

Facebook: Not just for high school friends anymore

I know you have it, the Facebook profile.  It's fun for keeping up with family and old school friends, but did you know it could be made into a streamlined giveaway machine?  Oh yes!

What I found to be best was to make a new Facebook profile that was separate from your personal one.  This new profile will be streamlined and fresh, bursting at the seams with oodles of opportunities for YOU to win some cool stuff!

The next step will be to find some sweepstakes, contests, or giveaways.  Some of these will offer extra entries (remember to READ THE RULES!!), so keep an eye out for that.  The bonus?  You get more entries now, plus a front row seat for future contests and giveaways. 

As you find more friends and like-minded individuals on Facebook, you can enter contests that they are entering in.  There are also some Facebook applications that run giveaways.  You can gain more entries in these by tweeting, posting on your wall, and even playing games.

What I've been finding so far is that variety is the best way.  I can't say that Facebook has been a #1 entry point for contests for me...yet.  I believe like any well-tended garden, Facebook will be a spot where you can let the giveaway come to YOU instead of you having to search for them. 

So tell me, what is YOUR favorite part about utilizing Facebook for your giveaway fix?

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Featured Giveaways - 3/2

Today's featured giveaways will focus on the unique items that are out there on the internet. 

One of the reasons for giveaways is the exposure it can bring to a product.  The music industry has already seen what blogs and internet chatter can do for a young group making music on laptops in basements!  Companies are eager to win the hearts and minds of numerous consumers and they are embracing new technologies to do so!

That being said, I think these are some of the coolest giveaway items that I've found!  Let's check them OUT!

Featured Giveaway #1

I'll say it before and I'll say it again and again...I love these sites that I find while doing contests.  Pure Contemporary is a site that is very close to my heart.  I really love the style and substance of mid 20th century furniture and decoration. 

They cover all the bases there with interviews, news, and great articles.  I highly recommend that you head over and follow these folks.

This giveaway is truly a prize, though.  They are offering up a hand made solid teak coffee table.  That's right, real wood, no pressboard.  We're talking quality furniture made by an artisan that will be an instant heirloom.  Take a gander at this beauty, created by Matt Eastvold of Eastvold Custom Woodworking:


Sorry, I was stuck looking at it while you were expecting to come back and read some more.

One entry per person, simply by subscribing to their newsletter.  Will be drawn on April 1st.  I hope they won't be fooling me!!

Anyway, enter away and hopefully I win it and not you.  Okay, maybe you can have it, only if you let me come over and look at it for a while.  I may speak to it, so be forewarned!

Featured Giveaway #2

While our last product looked back on an era of beautiful furniture and style, this giveaway features a forward thinking product.  Part spray bottle, part flying car, the Activeion Ionator HOM is a fantastic advance in cleaning technology.  Don't believe me?  Ask Bill Nye!!

That's right, you just got hit with some SCIENCE!

Now that you're on board with this insane technology, our new friend over at Metropolitian Mama is giving one of these Ionator HOM units away! 


Head over there today to start getting rid of those gross household chemicals and start cleaning...cleanly!  Heck, I should tell them about that one!

This one ends on Tuesday, March 9th.  You have some time to go enter.  Remember to read her rules...She doesn't seem to dig generic comments just to enter.  Good for her.  It's like throwing people out of a movie for talking.  Don't let the door hit you on the way out if you can't contribute something meaningful!


Featured Giveaway #3

Our last giveaway is so very unique.  I can't believe that I haven't seen this before!

Make your own soda at home.  Sounds rough, doesn't it?  Well, the folks over at SodaStream have made it a snap! 


Just add water, some carbonation, and syrup, and you're ready to roll.  Also, you're helping your carbon footprint by using their reusable containers...not to mention the money you'll save!

My Greening has this fantastic giveaway that ends TONIGHT.  The prize is a Fountain Jet Start Up Kit that includes three flavors of syrup, the machine, soda container, and some carbonated air. 

That's right, I snuck in an "ending soon" and wasn't going to tell you!  So you may ask, "Corey, what is your motivation to tell us about this?"  To which I may answer, "It's cool and I dig the blog!!"

Easy?  Easy.

So, tangent aside, head over and enter before midnight tonight. 

Hopefully you found these unique giveaways as interesting as I did.  So why not leave a comment telling me about some unique giveaways that you've participated in?